The largest benefit which we will enjoy by using the "DEOS process" can perform the agreement argument for the change of the demand between stakeholders enough and is the point that can record the process of the reason / argument that reached the agreement result / conclusion. We named such a method "D-Case", and also call the agreement document produced based on the agreement descriptions with "D-Case".

By certainly describing the following four points, "D-Case" offers the framework for building an argument more deeply.

  • Claim
  • Argumentation
  • Evidence
  • Explicit Assumption


"D-Case" is an important point which realizes taking an action suitable at the time of an obstacle, and prompt in the "DEOS architecture." Moreover, "D-Case" supports cause investigation of an obstacle and completion of accountability to cooperation.

Sample Movie : The system that "DEOS Architecture" cooperated with "D-Case" ( 12.5MB 2min27sec )
Note: Voice narration can be heard.

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